The Art of Presence

My hope is that someday we, as a human race, will be able to move beyond thought without suffering, but for now that seems to be one of the only ways we wake up.  You can think of “waking up” as enlightenment and “moving beyond thought” as constant mindfulness, although the reality of it is so much more. My journey toward this state began even before I was born and will continue long after my physical body dies.

And yeah, I know that all sounds pretty convoluted and weird. I would have agreed with you before it happened to me, before I heard my being speak out in a moment where I thought all hope was lost. Heartbreak is a tough thing for the mind to handle when our thoughts have been wired to feed from it, but there’s a way to be free from it and it is all happening now in this moment.

While I can never be anyone’s guide except my own, I can share with you my story. Some parts will come from my ego, these can be entertaining, personal, and comforting for those dealing with sudden loss or distress. Many parts will come from beyond my thoughts, from meditative states of presence and joy; these will be the important ones.

All we are is love love love.